IN FOCUS – Meet our New Member Company : Diamond Lifestyle Corporation

Diamond Lifestyle Corporation



by Beth Mapula, Reliv Inc.

Diamond Lifestyle Corporation


Diamond Lifestyle Corporation (DLC) is a company by the distributors and for the distributors. It was born out of Eddy Chai’s dream of building a direct selling company that would greatly benefit its business-builders before he retires. After spending 28 years in this lucrative industry mainly as a corporate executive for one of the successful MLM companies, Eddy bravely took a new challenge and established DLC in Taiwan sometime in 2008. After two years, DLC Philippines started its operation with Grace Co as the company’s General Manager.

DLC is known for its generous compensation plan which includes giving out company profit shares to top performing distributors every quarter. The company’s product line includes premium skin care, health, personal grooming and eco-friendly products.